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Quiana Long, owner and occupational therapist of Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized occupational therapy to children, teenagers, young adults, and support to their parents/carers.  Quiana aims to facilitate and support child development, learning, wellness, and independence through expertise, collaboration, compassion, and personal experiences, all while incorporating and considering the family unit/support circle as a whole. The ultimate goal is to cater to each child’s specific needs so that he /she can HAPPILY and CONFIDENTLY perform in every context of their daily life.  

Happy, confident children =

Happy, confident parents & carers!

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Is your child or a child that you know:

* Struggling to learn or meet milestones?  

* Often appear to be clumsy or fidgety?

* Avoid social events or certain play activities? 

* Have difficulty during mealtimes?

* Struggling to maintain attention and focus?

* Have unexplained behaviors or meltdowns?

* Or are you simply an overwhelmed parent/caregiver who's in need of support and guidance to best help your child?


Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting can help!

Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting is currently providing occupational therapy and parent support/coaching services, specializing in:

* ONLINE assessments and services

* Sensory Processing

*Room/Environmental Modifications

* School Caseload Management

Services are available to children and their families/support circles in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and  Texas in addition to the greater areas of London, UK. All services provided to US families/schools are conveniently virtual. Services provided to London, UK families can be provided virtually with limited availability for face-to-face services.  Do get in touch to learn how Bright Skies can help!

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Occupational Therapy

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Room/Space Organization



Middle School Class

School Caseload Support

Kind Words

"I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Quiana, who worked with my son as he recovered from birth injuries. Quiana was attentive, compassionate, and even went the extra mile to integrate with other specialists involved in my son's recovery to ensure that everyone was focused on common objectives and that she had all the information possible to reinforce other therapies and treatments he was receiving. Quiana thank you so much for your support over the years!"

-Catherine K.

Autism Therapy

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