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with Quiana!

What is Zumbini?

HAPPY Hour for you and your little one!


The Zumbini® program is not a fitness class, yet a well-researched early childhood program that benefits children, age birth to 4 years, through the use of music and movement.


Zumbini® is a play-based, fun, interactive, yet structured music program designed to engage children using music, movement, and basic rhythmic instruments.


Zumbini believes that music and movement tap into the “whole” child so that children are learning without performance goals and without “knowing” they are learning. 

Why Zumbini?
Zumbini Benefit - Cognitive Development.
Zumbini Benefit - Socio-Emotional Develo
Zumbini Benefit - Motor Skill Developmen
Zumbini Benefit - Social Skill Developme
Zumbini Benefit - Emotional Development.
Why Zumbini with Quiana?!

Zumbini with Quiana is unique as she is able to bring her high-energy spirit, her love for music, and her appreciation for the Zumbini mission all while bringing skill and expertise from her occupational therapy background.  This is the perfect recipe for a means to support parents as they engage, play, and nurture their little one! Quiana quickly grew to appreciate the parallel beliefs and concepts that Zumbini and the pediatric occupational therapy world share together and enjoys sprinkling a little bit of her own magic in each class!

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"[Quiana] is very engaging, vibrant, and energetic! It comes through the screen. That takes such energy and authenticity!"

-Tristan E. (Stokely's mum)

"[Zumbini with Quiana] was so cute and [Quiana] had so much energy!"

-Magdalena A. (Mira's mum)

Current Class Offering(s)
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New Zumbini classes are in the works! Check back soon for updates!

Live in Louisville and want to book zUMBINI w/QUIANA for your little one's birthday? Give Quiana a call at 502-509-9502!


To register for your Zumbini w/ Quiana! session(s), please take the time to fill out the information below.

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