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Laura K.

What I will remember most about Quiana is her smile and positive attitude. She was always delighted to see Emily, and through her warm interactions, she modeled for me not only OT techniques but parenting skills that I continue to use today, a year later. Any parent would be lucky to work with her.

Ronique S.

Working with Mrs. Long has truly been a blessing. She is very understanding, respect-ful, patient, and so easy to speak too.  I love her calm nature and she has never failed to give me good advice. I love her professionalism and I highly recommend working with Mrs. Long .

Linda F.

My grand-daughter was born prematurely at 27 weeks, weighing under two pounds.  She is now two years old and thriving, meeting all her developmental goals!  A lot of the credit for this goes to Quiana! I especially appreciated Quiana’s cheerful attitude and gentle persistence. I will always be grateful that Quiana was a big part of my grand-daughter's life.

"My family's experience with Ms. Quiana has been amazing and invaluable!  She began working with our son Jonathan at the age of 4.  At that time, Jonathan had been seeing another OT for a year, with little progress, as he was having social interaction problems and bouts with anger and violence towards his peers.  Jonathan and Ms. Quiana hit it off straight away.  Ms. Quiana gently, but enthusiastically, makes a child comfy while establishing a “friendship” with the kid.  She brings a spark to every session and is incredibly caring!  Jon enjoyed their sessions together and after a short while, you could see a positive change in Jonathan’s behavior.  Ms. Quiana's sessions are always a good mix of what the child wants to do with what the therapist must do in a compassionate environment.  We were provided with “homework” which outlined things we as parents should do at home to help Jon be the best he could be!  Jonathan is now a 7-year-old with ADHD who is in a regular classroom, who has friends and who can empathize with and for others.  Jonathan still looks forward to his weekly session with Ms. Quiana even after all these years!  Ms. Quiana’s nurturing spirit, brilliant therapeutic strategies, and patience play’s a huge part in Jonathan’s successes today and we thank her!"

-Stacy F.


Quiana was attentive, compassionate, and even went the extra mile to integrate with other specialists involved in my son's recovery... Quiana thank you so much for your support over the years!

Catherine K.

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