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General Services


 Sensory processing challenges? General concerns with learning and development? Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting can complete assessments to help guide a personalized plan for your child and/or to provide evidence of challenges impacting learning, development, and independence. Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting can provide online or face to face assessments but please note that face to face assessments currently vary based on location and COVID-19  government guidance. 


At Bright Skies, the power of communication is key. Whether consulting with parents/caregivers to create the perfect space for their child, supporting parents as they nurture their child's needs, liaising with schools/teachers, or other health professionals, the importance of consistency and collaboration in achieving optimal outcomes for children is a necessity for quality outcomes. 

reports & support letters

After completion of consultations or assessments, short-form and long-form reports are available, per your request. Bright Skies Therapy & Consutling can also provide support letters to schools, childcare programs, and other organizations when a trusted, professional opinion is needed. 

treatment, therapy programs & Parent coaching

Bright Skies understands that not every child, or situation, is the same. So whether routine therapy/support, monthly parenting check-ins, a home program, or room/environmental modification is needed, Bright Skies is here to provide individualized help.  

Not sure which service is most suitable? No problem. Contact Quiana or book a free screen today! You can also find details about services and fees here.

Bright Skies Therapy & Consulting services are available to children, families, and schools in the state of Kentucky. Online consultative services are available to familiar in Maryland and Texas.

*Please note that only face-to-face services are available to a select region of Kentucky families at this time. Please share your postcode when booking any service.

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