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Occupational Therapy

"Occupational therapy is a client-centered health profession concerned with promoting health and well being through occupation. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life..."

-The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT, 2012)

"Occupational therapists look at children from a holistic perspective. They are trying to determine where delays or limitations are coming from, especially in the areas of fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social development, and establishing self-care routines. Together, these skills lead to children being able to grow into healthy, well-functioning adults."

Occupational Therapy with Bright Skies

Is your toddler struggling with toilet training?


Does your young child struggle to pay attention?


Have you noticed your teenager struggling to stay organized?


Do you feel your child's development just needs a little push?


Occupational Therapy can help! Every child's well-being and development is unique, yet equally important. Through a personalized, family-centered approach, Bright Skies can help support your child at home, school, and/or the community.  Let us help put the pieces together!

Image by Lydia Tallent

Common Areas of Focus

* Sensory Processing &     Self Regulation

* Fine Motor Skills

* Visual Perception

* Auditory Processing

* Attention

*Executive Functioning

* Reflex Integration

* Self-Help/ADLs

* General Development 

* Handwriting

* Social Skills

* Interoceptive Awareness  

Specialized Services

* Sensory Diets

* Social Stories

* Visual Schedules

* Room Modifications

* Therapy Programs

To view a detailed list of our Occupational Therapy services and fees, click here.

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